Alliteration examples business plan

Crafting an understandable and attainable statement of purpose helps you and your management team to create policies and measure the success of your company as a whole. Instead, a statement of purpose focuses primarily on the short message that will guide your company in formulating its business practices and procedures, without spelling out what those methods will look like when your business opens its doors.

Alliteration examples business plan

Words are still an essential piece of the visual stimuli in marketing. Each sentence must pack the punch you need it to, so you can share expertise your fanbase needs or begin a dialogue that spreads your brand influence online.

Use Words for Memorable Marketing There are many ways to use words to market online, in graphics, blogs, status updates, or polls. Certain techniques with language itself will aid Internet users with brand memory at the moment of purchase.

You can use the sounds of words, much like poetry or a song, and give it a memorable rhythm.

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Just as songs can be catchy and stick in your head, so can alliteration. Alliteration is the repetition of sounds within words and phrases.

Alliteration is a language device that allows the brain to remember exact phrases and written concepts with accuracy. Consider this next sentence; it is likely you know it. She sells seashells by the sea shore.

alliteration examples business plan

If your memory served you well, you remembered it accurately or your memory highlighted the repetitive S and Sh sounds. Psychological studies have shown that alliteration can act as a better tool for memory than both imagery and meaning, though there is no indication as to why.

Shouted or Silent, the Effect Remains One of the most recent studiespublished in the July issue of Psychological Science, showed that it did not matter if the words were read aloud to highlight the sounds or if they were read silently; the effect was still the same.

In each of the experiments, participants in the same-alliteration condition were able to recall the most from the literature they read.

Think about the following common brand names and listen to the sounds.Note that in this example, because all of the repeated sounds occur on stressed syllables, this example is both assonance and alliteration.

Alliteration, then, is a specialized form of assonance or consonance in which the repeated sounds occur only on stressed syllables. Examples of Alliteration Using the “Y,” “Eu,” and “U” Sounds In her youth she yearned to wander yonder Europe.

I’m used to yelling at you yellowbellies. Your usefulness was used up yesterday. Examples of Alliteration Using the “Z” and “X” Sound My zodiac was zooming toward the zenith.

Provide students with paragraphs or short stories containing examples of alliteration. Have them identify samples, then create non-samples.


Compare the two, discussing how alliteration helps make text engaging. Ask students to find other song lyrics, poems, or children's books with examples of alliteration and bring to class to share. What Are Some Sample Lesson Plan Formats?

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Analogy Examples. These alliteration examples demonstrate is a literary device in which a series of words begin with the same consonant sound. Alliteration Examples Alliteration is a term to describe a literary device in which a series of words begin with the same consonant sound.


alliteration examples business plan

Don’t Ignore the Power of Alliteration. Alliteration is just a fancy pants word that means that the same letter, or sound, appears in words that are used together.

Examples are: Krispy Kreme, Coca-Cola, and Weight Watchers. For more examples, check out Rob Kelly’s post, The Best Examples of Alliteration in Business, Brands & Other Stuff. 2.

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