Bread giver essays

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Bread giver essays

The novel depicts various several themes among them the various challenges that women face in their traditional families. One of the characters, Sara Smolinsky is particularly used by the author to portray this theme.

He devotes his entire time to studying the Jewish holy text, the Torah, and several other holy books. The spirit that he supposedly gathers from reading these texts fills him with a shining holy light that appeases others but to his family, the spirit causes problems when he confuses his spiritual wisdom with worldly wisdom.

The first challenge that Sara faces is abject poverty. For instance, he is swindled on a number of occasions. His insistence on basing everything on his faith renders him unable to improve the economic status of his family and they thus remain in abject poverty for a long time. While trying to assimilate into the American culture, and as she tries to come up with a self identity, Sara is faced with a couple of challenges.

She was born into a family or a community where women were considered to be the main source of income and as such, she was habituated to working hard so to provide for the family. Doe 2 She did not have any time for herself or anything for herself. Ideas had been instilled deep into her mind that she needed to earn money to support her family, therefore allowing her father with his duty of reading and teaching the holy Jewish text.

In many occasions, she reflects on the deep desire that she has of being alone.

Bread giver essays

Unfortunately, this is not a privilege that her Jewish as well as her poor state allows. Even when she is making the conscious decision to leave her family in search of a new life, she has a hard time in making the decision. She is unfortunately forced to prioritize her interest at the expense of those of her family.

This is obviously not a simple decision especially given her family background. Sara also faces the challenge of limited opportunity. Together with her sisters, she is unable to venture out of her Jewish realm and in fact, it is only when goes to college that she is able to interact with normal Americans and learns that there is a life beyond the Jewish religion.

In this case, it is almost as if her Jewish heritage was the favorable option because it was in fact the only heritage at the time that had a tradition that allowed members of the female gender to work out of their homes. Doe 3 Perhaps the most surprising challenge that Sara faces is the fact that she will never really be free from her traditional family values.

Even after attending college and becoming relatively emancipated, Sarah realizes that a part of her still misses her family.

In fact when she meets her father under deplorable conditions, she is forced to make a decision of inviting him to live with her so that he can take care of him.

Through Sara, the reader is able to see the problems and challenges that women in traditional Jewish societies had to face in their fight for emancipation. Although the novel is largely autobiographical, the author was able to incorporate some new elements that included problems and challenges different from her own so as to paint a wider picture of stature of women in the Jewish community.

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Bread giver essays

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