Business plan for electronics recycling

Notice May 23, - Recently a person bought the ebook and then asked for a refund weeks later because he was "aghast" that the manual did not include all the various federal, state and local regulations related to the business included. Sorry folks, but it is not my intention to give a "checklist" of what to do and how to make money doing it. There are just way too many variables involved.

Business plan for electronics recycling

At the local level, the NCER has spearheaded an electronics recycling initiative in the state of West Virginia, which has increased awareness in the state, prevented hundreds of thousands of pounds of electronics from entering state landfills, and helped spur the local recycling industry.

While the NCER does not take positions on legislative proposals for electronics recycling systems, the NCER is ready to assist in the implementation of recycling programs across the country and believes that national and regional approaches offer the best way forward.

When feasible, the following principles should be incorporated in any consideration of systems for managing used electronics: Any system should allow flexibility and encourage competition for the collection, transportation, and recycling of used electronics. To the greatest extent possible, local, state, and regional stakeholders should strive to develop systems that are integrated and function together in order to create efficiencies.

All state or regional-based systems should avoid legal or regulatory requirements that would prevent the establishment of a national system in the future. In any system, opportunities for the private administration of the recycling system that may create more efficient systems should be explored.

Any system should seek national and regional consistency for compliance and data collection. NCER has never and still does not directly collect or recycle electronics, but assists others whose desire is to do this.

Jason is married to Samara, a Family Nurse Practitioner, and has four sons and one daughter. She is also the primary administrative contact for the Oregon and Vermont State Plans and handles most of the reporting for these two programs.

She is married to husband William, has two daughters, and resides in Williamstown, WV. In her spare time, Heather teaches wellness classes on essential oils. He has also worked as a reporter for a number of publications throughout Ohio and West Virginia.

When not working, Robert enjoys writing autobiographical sketches, reading, playing and recording music, and hiking. She actively participated in development of many product stewardship initiatives addressing products as diverse as packaging, carpet, office furniture, and paint.

Lindsay founded and co-lead a cross-office network of EPA professionals seeking to promote more coordinated EPA engagement in development of multi attribute sustainable product standards. This team made recommendations to senior EPA leaders on ways for EPA to increase its leadership in this growing movement.

Lindsay was one of the primary authors of a roadmap for EPA leadership on sustainable materials management. Before coming to EPA, Ms.

business plan for electronics recycling

Lindsay practiced environmental and energy law in the private sector. She has an undergraduate degree from Smith College and a J. Alcorn is responsible for legislative initiatives impacting electronic product recycling, design, eco-labeling and hazardous materials restrictions. Alcorn was a nationally recognized environmental consultant specializing in electronics recycling systems, and with Jason Linnell co-founded the NCER in Walter has authored and co-authored numerous studies and research products on e-waste issues.

Rifer participated as a negotiator in the national negotiation to design a funding system to recycle discarded electronic products — the National Electronic Product Stewardship Initiative NEPSI.

He initiated and managed the stakeholder process to develop EPEAT — Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool — a procurement tool for environmentally preferable electronics see www.

SDR Technologies primary role involves the demonstration testing of various candidate technologies and processes associated with the recovery of plastics from end of life electronics EOLE for reuse and recycling applications. At the time of his retirement from IBM inDr.

Prior to joining IBM inhe was employed by Monsanto where his specialty was the analytical characterization of acrylic, nylon and polyester polymers and fibers.A business plan for a service business is different than a plan for other types of businesses.

Improving durability

That's why a sample business plan for an accountant, insurance agent, self storage business, cleaning service, dry cleaning, travel agent or other service business will be so helpful. On Saturday, May 19th, the Village of Morton Grove will host a combined recycling event at the Civic Center, Dempster Avenue, from 9 a.m.

to noon. 1.

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Electronics contain precious resources that are wasted when buried in a landfill. For example the EPA reports recycling one million cell phones recovers 50 pounds of gold, pounds of silver, 20 pounds of palladium, and 35, pounds of copper. Tossing out electronics is bad for the environment and illegal.

We make it easy for you to dispose of electronics safely. Find out more about our programs and convenient drop-off locations to get rid of your old laptop, television, VCR and more. Our Videos. Each year we commit a significant budget to encourage consumers to continue to return their containers for recycling.

We employ a wide range of tactics, including targeted advertising through a range of media types, to ensure that the right message reaches the right people.

The Kane County Electronics Recycling Program is for residential equipment only, and includes 2 drop-off locations and a number of scheduled events (see below details).Businesses can see this list of electronics recycling companies.

business plan for electronics recycling
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