Children of a lesser god summary

There is a wide-spread, and withal a popular, idea that there is no such thing as an occult teaching in connection with Christianity, and that "The Mysteries", whether Lesser or Greater, were a purely Pagan institution. The very name of "The Mysteries of Jesus", so familiar in the ears of the Christians of the first centuries, would come with a shock of surprise on those of their modern successors, and, if spoken as denoting a special and definite institution in the Early [Page 2] Church, would cause a smile of incredulity. It has actually been made a matter of boast that Christianity has no secrets, that whatever it has to say it says to all, and whatever it has to teach it teaches to all. Its truths are supposed to be so simple, that "a way-faring man, though a fool, may not err therein", and the "simple Gospel" has become a stock phrase.

Children of a lesser god summary

What does it mean to seek the kingdom of God? Bickel December 13, ; text last modified except typo correction July 10, Footnotes added August 29, ; footnotes added November 21, Introduction What will I eat?

How will I pay the bills? How will I have a happy marriage? How will I have a successful career? Everyone seems to be preoccupied with these kinds of concerns, but Jesus calmed his disciples by giving them a higher purpose. He told them not to worry about their needs in this world, but to instead seek God's kingdom, having the promise that their heavenly Father would then also meet all those needs: But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well" Matt 6: The parallel account omits "and his righteousness" and adds an assurance: Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" Luke The first step in understanding what it means to seek the kingdom of God is to determine what Jesus meant by "his kingdom.

In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, the "kingdom of God" is usually God's active rule over his creation, especially in saving his people from their sins and the consequences of those sins. Matthew often uses "kingdom of heaven" instead of "kingdom of God," but the two terms are synonymous Matt The kingdom of God is not only God's rule over his obedient subjects, but includes his victory over their spiritual enemies through Jesus, beginning in the present age Matt The kingdom of God has been concisely defined as God's "acting in his sovereign power to deliver man from the destructive powers that enthrall him" Beasley-Murray, The central thesis of Ladd is that the prophets' hope of the kingdom of God was inaugurated in the person of Jesus in this present age, before its consummation begins the age to come.

God asserted His rule in history by defeating Satan and death through the work of Jesus, even though God will not complete his display of authority until Jesus returns in judgment, when he will start the new world order.

However, Laddch. Jesus' disciples are to seek the kingdom as the most valuable of possessions and the Father gives the kingdom to them Matt 6: Those who receive the kingdom in the present age will enter the kingdom in the age to come Mark Those who are poor in spirit, who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, have the kingdom Matt 5: When the Son of Man comes Matt Inheriting eternal life, inheriting the kingdom, and receiving eternal life are equivalent Mark This salvation involves saving one's true life, as opposed to saving one's life in this age Matt Although the kingdom concept is primarily oriented to the future, Jesus also brought salvation and fellowship with God to the present age Luke Such salvation included other gifts enjoyed in this life, such as physical healing Mark 5: That the kingdom of God to be sought Matt 6: To seek the kingdom of God is to actively receive the eternal life that Jesus brought.

Seeking salvation does not end at the time of conversion, but continues throughout the life of each disciple of Jesus. What this entails will become clear from looking at the kingdom-seeking passages in the context of Luke and its sequel Acts and in the context of Matthew.


Matthew's version is treated second since it is complicated by the exhortation to seek God's righteousness as well as his kingdom. Luke-Acts on seeking the kingdom Through parables and illustrations from nature, Jesus contrasted seeking the future salvation of the kingdom with seeking the pleasures of this age Luke In the parable of the rich fool vv.

The rich man of the parable depended on the wealth he had accumulated to take care of him in the future, but found that all his work was in vain since he had not provided for his future after his death. Expanding on the lesson of the parable "therefore," v. He told them not to worry about the needs of this life because, since God cares for the birds and the lilies, which do not toil, he will much more readily provide for his children.

Rather than worrying about earthly needs, like the nations do, Jesus' disciples must seek the kingdom of God, with the promise that God will meet all those needs. These injunctions are not two independent arguments against worrying, the first based on God's fatherly care for his creation and the second based on seeking the kingdom, but are part of the same argument since God is both Father and King of his people Beasley-Murray, It is not that God only gives his people food and clothing only to the extent that they seek his kingdom: God richly provides for even those with "little faith" v.Summaries.

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Zeus (/ zj uː s /; Greek: Ζεύς, Zeús) is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods of Mount name is cognate with the first element of his Roman equivalent mythologies and powers are similar, though not identical, to those of Indo-European deities such as Indra, Jupiter, Perkūnas, Perun, Thor, and Odin.

Children of a Lesser God () IMDb min R Subtitles and Closed Captions Based on the hit Broadway play, it's the uplifting love story of John Leeds (William Hurt), an idealistic special education teacher, and a headstrong deaf girl .

Children of a lesser god summary

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What it means to seek first the kingdom of God