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If you require a resource consent: You can Contact zones an hour free one hour pre-application consultation. To arrange your free pre-application consultation you can contact our customer services team.

There are lots of approved Farm Environment Plan templates to choose from. Talk to your Industry sector representative about your options and find out how they can help. Find yourself a trusted nutrient management advisor that will help understand how to make your budget work for you.

Talk to your industry sector representative, fertilizer representative or a Certified Nutrient Management Advisor. Hurunui Waiau Area A Nitrogen and Phosphorus long-term average discharge for the few years before the plan became operative 20 December If there is a lack of records to do this, we consider the year Contact zones the plan became operative as a sufficient indicator of a long-term average.

If applying for a consent, use a free one-hour pre-application meeting with an Environment Canterbury Consent Planner. Call us on to arrange an appointment. Future Farm Environment Plan Audit You will need an audit of your Farm Environment Plan at a frequency that will be specified in your consent or set down by your Collective.


Fill in the consent application form found on the above website, and ensure your Farm Environment Plan and Nutrient Budgets are in order.

Please note, that for some activities, sub-regional rules apply. See below for your zone specific rules. Farmed cattle, deer or pigs having access to the bed of a river where the following sites are mapped: A consent is required for any access by intensively farmed stock to any river over 1m wide or 10cm deep or to a wetland.

Intensively farmed stock are considered to be: Cattle or deer grazed on irrigated land or contained for break-feeding of winter feed crops Dairy cattle, of any class, including cows, whether dry or milking, and whether on irrigated land or not or Farmed pigs.

What can be done without a resource consent? Conditions for permitted access Other stock not intensively farmed are allowed to access rivers and wetlands without consent if it does not result in: Pugging or de-vegetation that exposes bare earth in the bed or banks A conspicuous change in clarity or colour of the water outside the mixing zone Cattle standing in any lake located within a Lake Zone, any lake classified as a High Naturalness Waterbody, or any lake located outside the Hill and High Country Area.

How is the bed of a braided river defined for stock exclusion? A river is defined as a continually or intermittently flowing body of fresh water; and includes a stream and modified watercourse; but does not include any artificial watercourse including an irrigation canal, water supply race, canal for the supply of water for electricity power generation, and farm drainage canal.

A braided river is a river that at some point in its length flows in multiple, mobile channels across a gravel floodplain. The distance from the outer gravel margin to land that was cultivated or was in crop or pasture prior to 5 September ; or 10m landward of the outer gravel margin as measured at any time, except that if a stopbank exists then the stopbank does not form part of the bed.

There is an exception to these conditions for stock crossing points please contact Customer Services for more information What is a wetland? Wetlands are defined in the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan as coastal wetlands, wetlands which are part of a river, stream or lake; and natural ponds, swamps, marshes, fens, bogs, seeps, brackish areas, mountain wetlands, and other naturally wet areas that support an indigenous ecosystem of plants and animals specifically adapted to living in wet conditions and provide a habitat for wildlife.

What is Wet Pasture? This definition links the purpose for which the grass is grown, with the feeding of grazing animals. This draws a distinction between grass that has been grown introduced for the purpose of feeding, to that which is not being grown but nevertheless, would be suitable for grazing animals to feed on.Oct 11,  · Parking in Olympia.

Contact zones

Parking is available at metered and timed on-street spaces and in leased lots owned by the City. The privately owned Diamond Parking also has several lots in downtown Olympia for daily and leased parking.

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28th September Hi Everybody, I would just like to congratulate all our anglers; Junior, Female & Male that have claimed State, Australian and World Records this year. *If you do not have an account, please contact your Zones Account Executive directly or call for more information.

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Contains news, calendars, employment opportunities, and important information for parents, students, staff and the community. *If you do not have an account, please contact your Zones Account Executive directly or call for more information.

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