Discuss similarities and

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Discuss similarities and

After its introduction to the public, the Edsel did not live up to its preproduction publicity, even though it did offer many new features, such as self-adjusting rear brakes and automatic lubrication.

While Ford's market research had indicated that these and other features would make the "E" car attractive to them as car buyers, the Edsel's selling prices exceeded what buyers were willing to pay. Upon seeing the price for a base model, many potential buyers simply left the dealerships.

Other customers were frightened by the price for a fully equipped top-of-the-line model. The wrong car at the wrong time[ edit ] One of the external forces working against the Edsel was the onset of an economic recession in late To make matters still worse, as a new make, Edsel had no established brand Discuss similarities and with buyers, as its competing makes had.

Even if the โ€” recession had not occurred, the Edsel would have been entering a shrinking marketplace.

Discuss similarities and

Breech had convinced Ford management that the medium-priced market segment offered great untapped opportunity. At the time, Breech's assessment was basically correct; inPontiac, Buick and Dodge had sold a combined two million units.

Independent manufacturers in the medium-priced field were drifting toward insolvency. Hoping to reverse its losses, Packard acquired Studebakerwhich was also in financial difficulty. The board decided to stop production under the venerable Packard badge after The โ€”58 Packards were little more than Studebakers badged as Packards also known as "Packardbakers".

Attempting to capitalize on the emerging consumer interest in economy cars, American Motors shifted its focus to its compact Rambler models and discontinued its pre-merger brands, Nash and Hudsonafter the model year. When DeSoto sales failed to rebound during the model year, plans were made in Highland Park to discontinue the nameplate by Sales for most car manufacturers, even those not introducing new models, were down.

Among domestic makes, only Rambler and Lincoln produced more cars in than in Customers started buying more fuel-efficient automobiles, particularly Volkswagen Beetleswhich were selling at rates exceeding 50, a year [15] in the U. Edsels were equipped with powerful engines and offered brisk acceleration, but they also required premium fuel, and their fuel economy, especially in city driving, was poor even by lates standards.

Ford Motor Company had conducted the right marketing study, but it came up with the wrong product to fill the gap between Ford and Mercury. Bybuyers had become fascinated with economy cars, and a large car like the Edsel was seen as too expensive to buy and own.

Discuss similarities and

When Ford introduced the Falcon init sold overunits in its first year. Ford's investment in expanded plant capacity and additional tooling for the Edsel helped make the company's subsequent success with the Falcon possible. The LTD's success led Chevrolet to introduce the Caprice as a mid upscale trim option on its top-of-the-line Impala four-door hardtop.

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Edsel, a difficult name to place[ edit ] The name of the car, Edsel, is also often cited as a further reason for its lack of popularity. Naming the vehicle after Edsel Ford was proposed early in its development.

However, the Ford family strongly opposed its use. Henry Ford II declared that he did not want his father's good name spinning around on thousands of hubcaps.

Ford also ran internal studies to decide on a name, and even dispatched employees to stand outside movie theaters to poll audiences as to what their feelings were on several ideas.

They reached no conclusions. When the agency issued its report, citing over 6, possibilities, Ford's Ernest Breech commented that they had been hired to develop one name, not 6, Early favorites for the name brand included Citation, Corsair, Pacer, and Ranger, which were ultimately chosen for the vehicle's series names.

David Wallacemanager of marketing research, and coworker Bob Young unofficially invited freethinker poet Marianne Moore for input and suggestions. Moore's unorthodox contributions among them "Utopian Turtletop," "Pastelogram," "Turcotinga," "Resilient Bullet," "Andante con Moto" and "Mongoose Civique" were meant to stir creative thought and were not officially authorized or contractual in nature.Get an answer for 'Discuss similarities between Holden and JD Salinger.' and find homework help for other The Catcher in the Rye questions at eNotes.

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Discuss the similarities and differences between at least three labor organizations discussed in Chapter 3. The Knights of Labor was a standard labor union comprised of individual workers across the nation.

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