Dont write a check that your mouth cant cash

June 30, Frequently Asked Questions The most frequently asked question that I get on this website is something along the lines of: My chameleon is very very sick! It has a growth!

Dont write a check that your mouth cant cash

A comprehensive biosketh appears beneath blog post. Dole writes… Please take a few minutes and read this. It is much longer than the usual blogs posted here, but addresses an important issue to our profession. In response, Walgreens has resurrected a policy that they allege has always been on their books, their GFD policy.

Their current enforcement of the GFD policy is an attempt to shift the payment of their sins to the DEA, over to the patient and provider, and to insulate Walgreens by employing the verbiage of patient care.

Walgreens maintains that it is a business with patient safety as their main concern. This is totally appropriate, valid and justified.

It is standard practice for a business to educate its employees on new initiatives prior to implementation of that initiative in order to optimize successful execution of the agenda. Walgreens has, at best, performed sub-optimally in educating their pharmacists as to the goals and objectives of the GFD policy.

dont write a check that your mouth cant cash

At worst, their efforts could be construed as a deliberate attempt at mis-information. Walgreens is apparently misinforming patients and providers for the reasons this additional information needs to be collected by telling them any combination of the following: Additionally, there are reports that Walgreen pharmacies are not only limiting the quantity of an opioid prescription to doses, but then requesting from the provider a second prescription for the remaining balance of the first prescription.

It is unclear how this protects the patient, however it does allow the Walgreens pharmacy to collect copay for the first prescription and then requires the patient to pay cash for the second prescription. By implementing such a policy, Walgreens is giving the appearance of protecting the public and fulfilling its obligations to the DEA, and at the same time profiteering in their implementation of a policy that obstructs the delivery of prescribed medication to the public.

As a business, Walgreens wins on all accounts. As a company that states patient care is its primary goal, there is a level of hypocrisy. There can be no responsibility without accountability. It is deeply concerning that no State Board of Pharmacy, or pharmacy professional organization has deemed that Walgreens is participating in unprofessional conduct.

By this very definition it seems clear that Walgreens is engaging in unprofessional activity in New Mexico; just by reading this regulation, the issue seems cut and dry. As the Walgreens GFD policy is a pharmacy issue, it is further distressing that state and local medical groups have moved forward to take action against Walgreens.


There is the fact that there is an epidemic of abuse of prescription opioids; one that is hitting our teenage population especially hard. There is the issue of a retail pharmacists having corresponding responsibility with no corresponding authority.

The fact that patients, against their preference, had to change pharmacies in order to get the prescribed amount of opiate medication dispensed to them has compromised the quality of care that Walgreens pharmacies are able to deliver. The fact that Walgreens may be profiteering from implementation of their internal GFD policy by asking providers for a second opiate prescription to make up the balance of the original prescription that is greater than doses requiring the patient to pay cash for the second prescription has negatively impacted on Walgreen integrity and credibility and decreased the quality of professional services.

Please take some time and act to stop Walgreens Corporation from defining what pharmacy professionalism is!

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I know that this is a long blog post, but I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this.After reading so many of yalls comments and especially the blog, I feel I have found fellow chronic pain sufferers that will understand me and my constant battle with doctors and pharmacy.

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