Fluorescence labeled olefin metathesis polymerization initiators

This article features the current state of research in olefin metathesis polymerization techniques towards the synthesis of functional polymeric materials.

Fluorescence labeled olefin metathesis polymerization initiators

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Fluorescence labeled olefin metathesis polymerization initiators

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Cell imaging indicated that the probe can penetrate viable cell membranes and rapidly detects and images fluorion over other anions in the mitochondria. Previous article in issue: Fluorescence-labeled olefin metathesis polymerization initiators.

Previous article in issue: Fluorescence-labeled olefin metathesis polymerization initiators. The initiators for ROMP have evolved in a way which enables living polymerization (characterized by complete and rapid initiation, irreversible propagation steps, and the absence of undesired chain termination or chain transfer reactions) allowing the preparation of polymers with a narrow molecular weight distribution, and, even more importantly, the preparation of block copolymers.

Title: Fluorescence-labeled olefin metathesis polymerization initiators: Authors: Burtscher, Daniel; Saf, Robert; Slugovc, Christian: Publication: Journal of Polymer.

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We present the synthesis of ring-opening metathesis polymerization block polymers containing a ruthenium bipyridine luminescent block and a hydrophobic block and end-terminated with a biologically active biotin molecule.

Background: Ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) is a powerful synthetic method for generating unique materials. The functional group tolerance of ruthenium ROMP initiators allows the synthesis of a wide range of biologically active polymers.

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