How to teach values education in

Teach moral values to teens so that they turn out to be compassionate, honest, and considerate because you can earn respect only by showing respect. The simplest way to teach moral values to teens is by practicing what you preach. Set an example before them, and most kids will unhesitatingly follow their parents, because they observe each of your actions closely. They learn from seeing how you treat others and overhearing your interactions with everyone else.

How to teach values education in

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The Teaching of Values By Dr. Kenneth Shore The process of instilling values in children begins at an early age.

How to teach values education in

By the time children enter kindergarten, they have already taken a course in values, one taught by their parents.

It is only appropriate that parents should assume primary responsibility for shaping the values of their children.

They should be their moral anchors. A coach may convey to children the value of determination and teamwork. A scout leader may teach about self-reliance and honesty.

And a minister or rabbi may help children learn about spiritual values.


But for many children the most important influence on their emerging value system other than their parents is their teacher. This is not surprising when you consider that a child may spend as much time during the school year with her elementary teacher as she does with her parents. Some parents want teachers to check their values at the door when they enter the classroom.

In reality, there is no such thing as value-free education. Teachers are communicating values to their students almost all the time. A teacher who shows an interest in the culture of a child from another country is teaching her students to respect children from different backgrounds.

A teacher who encourages a child to handle a problem on her own is promoting the value of independent thinking. That teachers convey values to their students is not necessarily cause for concern, unless the values being taught are objectionable or being taught poorly. Indeed, many believe that values education is an appropriate role for teachers.

Martin Luther King Jr. The more important question is: What values should be taught and how should they be communicated? These lessons begin as early as kindergarten when children are taught, among other lessons, to wait patiently in line, to raise their hand rather than yell out, to be considerate of their classmates, and to be accepting of children who are different.

Different teachers accent different values. Some emphasize being courteous and kind to classmates; others stress being obedient and respectful of authority; others place a priority on being dependable and responsible; and still others convey the importance of thinking for yourself and standing up for your beliefs.

Some school districts employ formal programs to teach peaceful methods of resolving conflicts. As students move into higher grades, these same issues may be discussed but in the context of the larger community and at a more conceptual level.

Moral Intelligence Key To Teaching Moral Values to Teens

Social studies provides a natural opportunity for examining these issues. Students gain valuable insights by reading about great figures in history and learning how they coped with moral issues.

It is one thing to teach core values relating to standards of behavior — matters about which most parents agree. It is quite another to teach about deeper moral values. Teaching about morality is a delicate task because moral issues do not lend themselves to consensus.

Parents will have differing views about virtually any moral issue so that teaching about morality risks offending some parents.Oct 16,  · This article widely explains the how to teach the moral values to the children.

Lowering of the moral values and value education is the major problem existing in our education system.

How to teach values education in

It deteriorates day by day. In our ancient education system, the moral values are given the top priority. At our school, we actively practise Values-based Education as it encourages and supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural wellbeing of every child and it is interwoven through every element of school life; it is something that can be seen, but more importantly, felt.

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How To Teach Moral Values to Teens -

Or download our app "Guided Lessons by" on your device's app store. The simplest way to teach moral values to teens is by practicing what you preach.

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