Life of pi hook

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Life of pi hook

So, being told a book is a winner of the Booker tends to be a mark against it from the start, unfortunately.

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Apparently, when Yann Martel wrote this he was feeling a bit down and this was his way of plucking himself up. Well, good on him. I was a little annoyed when I found out that the person the book is dedicated to had also written a story about a man in a boat with a wild cat and had considered suing for plagiarism.

The book is written by a member of that class of people who are my least favourite; a religious person who cannot conceive of someone not being religious. But the religious are generally terribly arrogant, so it is best not to feel insulted by their endless insults — they know not what they do.

Parts of this were so badly over written that it was almost enough to make me stop reading. The bit where he is opening his first can of water is a case in point.

This takes so long and is so incidental Life of pi hook the story and written in such a cutesy way that I started to pray the boat would sink, the tiger would get him … I would even have accepted God smiting him at this point as a valid plotting point, even if or particularly because it would bring the story to an abrupt end.

This is a book told as two possible stories of how a young man survives for days floating across the Pacific Ocean told in chapters. That was the other thing that I found annoying — much is made of the fact this story is told in chapters — but I could not feel any necessity for many of the chapters.

You know, in Invisible Cities Calvino has necessary chapters — this book just has chapters. It was something that annoyed me from early on in the book — that the chapters seemed far too arbitrary and pointing it out at the end just made me more irritated. Pi is the central character in the book who, for some odd reason, is named after a swimming pool — I started playing with the ideas of swimming pools and oceans in my head to see where that might lead, but got bored.

There is a joke in the early part of the book about him possibly becoming Jewish ha ha — or perhaps I should draw a smiley face? The only religion missing entirely from the book is Buddhism. Well, when I say entirely, it is interesting that it is a Japanese ship that sinks and that the people Pi tells his story to are Japanese engineers.

The Japanese make the connections between the two stories — but we can assume that they stuff up these connections. My interpretation is that the tiger is actually God. Angry, jealous, vicious, hard to appease, arbitrary and something that takes up lots of time when you have better things to do — sounds like God to me.

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Superguide!

The last little bit of the book has Pi asking which is the better story- the one with animals or the one he tells with people.

I mean, this is an unfair competition — he has spent chapter after chapter telling the animal story and only the last couple telling the people story. If we can never really know if there is no god and it ultimately makes no difference if we tell the story with him or without him in it, but if the story is more beautiful with him in it — then why not just accept him in the story and be damned.

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Life of pi hook

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