Novo nordisk case study mexican experience

Thanks to the rise of connected devices, we can now aggregate and mine vast stores of medical information for new insights. Access the white paper:

Novo nordisk case study mexican experience

But urban diabetes is not inevitable. If we work together — businesses, city leaders and planners, healthcare professionals, academics and community leaders — we can create cities which help us live more healthy lives.

Novo nordisk case study mexican experience

We asked people to join us in a global fight against urban diabetes. The response that we have seen has been incredible.


Mexico City has been joined by more pioneering study cities: Houston, Copenhagen, Tianjin and Shanghai — a group which is home to nearly 60 million people.

Diabetes is not an issue the world can take lightly. The rise of urban diabetes is unrelenting, but it is not inevitable. We are beginning to understand the driving factors behind the challenge, and those of us who can make a difference are now connecting better.

The world needs cities that help us live more healthily.

There is no question about it: In July I set out a new strategy for obesity and diabetes. We have a lot to do, from encouraging healthy lifestyles, to supporting treatment which can avoid some of the tragic complications.

That Dr Ahued Ortega, our city Minister of Health, travelled to help launch the programme in Copenhagen shows our desire to connect with others around the world on this issue.

Novo nordisk case study mexican experience

This is a tribute to our great political ambitions for creating an active, healthy and green city. Houston is one of Novo nordisk case study mexican experience most diverse, productive and vibrant cities in the US. Sometimes described as the energy capital of the world, we are growing fast and are number one for job creation in the US.

But the rise of cities, and ours in particular, can come with a price. One of these is urban diabetes. Yet, the challenge of urban diabetes in Copenhagen is real and still on the rise. In particular, it is a consequence of social inequality. Copenhageners with no formal secondary school qualifications, as well as those without a job and receiving social benefits, are three times more likely to get diabetes than people of the same age with a higher education.

Cities Changing Diabetes will challenge us to do more — providing new data and new routes to collaboration across our own city, as well as a window on important work in other cities across the world.

I want to thank Novo Nordisk for initiating the Cities Changing Diabetes public-private partnership, and partners including the University of Texas, the Clinton Global Initiative and the American Diabetes Association for joining with us.

For me this is about substance over talk, and ultimately the chance to create long-term impact by sharing what we know, learning from others and working towards a common goal.

With our economic development has come improved quality of life. But as we grow we also face challenges — and one of those is urban diabetes. This work is paying off, yet the population with diabetes is still growing.

Johannesburg is the metropolitan with the highest population of about 4. By working with local partners and learning from other cities, Vancouver recognizes that good planning and city building play an important role in improving health outcomes for residents.

For over a decade now Shanghai has had a plan in place for chronic disease prevention and control. A huge amount is being done backed by significant healthcare resources, yet the number of patients and complications are increasing.

That shows the force of the urban diabetes challenge for us. Mayor Tau has served as a City of Johannesburg Member of the Mayoral Committee since the year — when he began driving a spatial and socio-economic transformation agenda in the City.

This was until he was elected the Executive Mayor in The dynamics driving urban diabetes in Shanghai are complex: Also fast-paced working lives can stand in the way of the management and treatment of diabetes. We all have more to learn, and more we can do. Through in-depth learning and connecting our knowledge, Cities Changing Diabetes can help us to improve even further the effectiveness of taking on diabetes in our city.

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Today Johannesburg is a leader in developmental governance and on par with global cities.Diabetes is a chronic disease that afflicts million Americans. Insulin, one of the primary treatments for diabetes, has been around since the s.

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