The dawn of a new day the effects on world war 1 on the entrance of black women in industry

An allegorical map on temperance, based on the notion of alcohol as a train ride to destruction, the "Black Valley Rail Road" by the Massachusetts Temperance Alliance,

The dawn of a new day the effects on world war 1 on the entrance of black women in industry

Throughout prehistoric time, man's quest for fitness has been driven by a desire to survive through hunting and gathering. Today, though no longer driven by subsistence requirements, fitness remains paramount to health and well-being.

This article will highlight historical events and influential individuals who have shaped the history of fitness beginning with primitive man up to the foundation of the modern fitness movement.

Primitive man and fitness pre, B. C Primitive nomadic lifestyles required the continual task of hunting and gathering food for survival 1.

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Tribes commonly went on one- or two- day hunting journeys for food and water. Regular physical activity apart from that necessary for hunting and gathering was also a principal component of life.

Following successful hunting and gathering excursions, celebration events included trips of six to 20 miles to neighboring tribes to visit friends and family, where dancing and cultural games could often last several hours.

This Paleolithic pattern of subsistence pursuit and celebration, demanding a high level of fitness and consisting of various forms of physical activity, defined human life 2.

The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution 10, B. The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution marked the conclusion of primitive lifestyle and signified the dawn of civilization.

This historic period was defined by important agricultural developments including animal and plant domestication, and the invention of the plow.

The dawn of a new day the effects on world war 1 on the entrance of black women in industry

These human advancements made it possible for hunting-gathering tribes to obtain vast amounts of food while remaining in the same area, thus transforming primitive man into an agrarian agriculture and farming society 3.

This era in history symbolizes the beginning of a more sedentary lifestyle, as man began to alleviate some hardships of life while. Ancient civilizations - China and India B.

History of Fitness

China In China, the philosophical teachings of Confucius encouraged participation in regular physical activity 4. It was recognized that physical inactivity was associated with certain diseases referred to as organ malfunctions and internal stoppages, which sound similar to heart disease and diabetes were preventable with regular exercise for fitness.

Consequently, Cong Fu gymnastics was developed to keep the body in good, working condition. Cong Fu exercise programs consisted of various stances and movements, characterized by separate foot positions and imitations of different animal fighting styles 5.

In addition to Cong Fu gymnastics, other forms of physical activity existed throughout ancient China including archery, badminton, dancing, fencing, and wrestling.

India In India, individual pursuit of fitness was discouraged as the religious beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism emphasized spirituality and tended to neglect development of the body. Consequently, the importance of fitness within society in general was relatively low. However, an exercise program similar to Chinese Cong Fu gymnastics developed, while still conforming to religious beliefs, known as Yoga.

Though its exact origin has yet to be identified, Yoga has existed for at least the past years.AMH - Civil War Reconstruction; Publications: "Plantation Economy of Lee County, Georgia: ," Research Bulletin, Vol. 33, Spring of "The Dawn of a New Day: The Effect of World War I on the Entrance of Black Women in Industry" The Griot Vol.

II, No. I Spring During the American Revolutionary War, Nassau capitulated to the Spaniards for the last time, as in , The Bahamas was restored to Great Britain by treaty.

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The dawn of a new day the effects on world war 1 on the entrance of black women in industry

Destiny Johnson Young AFA Reaction Paper #4 “The Dawn of a New Day: The Effect of World War One on the Entrance of Black Women in Industry” This essay talks about how World War I gets black women started in the working industry.

A Change in Gender Roles: Women’s Impact during WWII in the Workforce and Military (Fall ) Women had long been seen as stay at home mothers before World War Two and only that. The stereotypical, perfect American family had the father that brought home the bacon each day during the week and the mother who raised their children.

Prior to American entrance into the War, these companies benefitted from unrestricted commerce with sovereign customers abroad. Once war began and black men were drafted, they worked to achieve equality.

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