Walmart porter diamond philippines

Factor endowment can be categorized into two forms: Also, resource constraints may encourage development of substitute capabilities; Japan's relative lack of raw materials has spurred miniaturization and zero-defect manufacturing.

Walmart porter diamond philippines

Theories of how to achieve competitive advantage include Internal-a firms resources and capabilities provide the advantage External- the structure of the industry provides the advantage dynamic perspective- a hybrid of the above 2 theories The Internal Perspective: The Internal Perspective In my opinion Walmart has gained its competitive advantage through efficient use of its resources and capabilities.

Examples of this include: A companies mission is a declaration of what a firm is and what it stands for-its fundamental values and purpose.

Porter's Diamond Model by Narelle Peng on Prezi

B y assisting leaders in describing and understanding the strategy needed, the vision and mission are actually tools used in making strategic decisions. Logo adopted in Negotiate to get the best prices for the customer.

Walmart porter diamond philippines

Savings through retailing energy efficient products Providing the best price on the products that match the lifestyle of customers in each unique community. Save customers money so they can afford more. Assisting families, educating communities, protecting the planet, and conserving natural resources for future generations How Walmart lives its vision.

Dear Walmart This video from the Corporate website shows how Walmart is succeeding at its mission and seeing its vision realized. Walmart and VRINE The resources I discussed previously are valuable however they are not necessarily rare; because other companies could use these same resources.

The advantage comes in the fact that they are both inimitable and exploitable. Many of the resources and capabilities that Walmart possesses would now be very expensive to imitate; therefore Walmart has created a barrier to entry which makes the resources inimitable.

Of course they can be exploited because Walmart is very successfully doing so. These factors are considered when determining the strategy to use when entering an industry or market. The factors in PESTEL for the US versus foreign countries would be different so careful analysis would be necessary in order to succeed in any foreign markets.

Walmart currently operates in 15 countries so they have certainly had practice in this area. Some of the five forces have actually been flipped upside down to the advantage of Walmart so that they are able to use these advantages to prevent rivals from affecting their ability to grow and expand in the retail industry.

Entry Barriers The resources and capabilities discussed earlier are all barriers to entry. The logistics, supply chain, inventory control, and communication technology investments made early on by Walmart make it difficult for other retailers to enter the industry and be competitive with Walmart.

Walmart is able to require its suppliers to have certain software in order to do business with them. Walmart has strict standards and a complex application process for vendors.


Strategic Positioning Strategic Positioning is the means by which managers situate a firm relative to its rivals. The strategies include the following: Low Cost positioning How? Low Cost positioning requires that a company have resources and capabilities that enable it to maintain a significantly lower cost.

Wal-Mart succeeded in its low cost strategy because of economies of scale and scope as well as excellent process technologies, such as the logistics and supply chain management technology implemented. Walmart The Low Cost Leader: In more recent years Walmart has upgraded its product and service offerings but in its early years it did not offer the frills that some other retailers offered.

The tradeoff was lower cost and discounts passed to the end consumer. First Mover Advantage The first mover is a firm that is first to offer a new product or service in a market or to implement a new process. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this strategy.INTERNATIONAL ENTRY AND COUNTRY ANALYSIS 1.

Motives for Going International Created assets, or what Michael Porter calls ‘advanced factors’, are assets which a country has developed through investment over a number of years. They include.

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If you’re going to use the Beast in true fat-bike scenarios — in snow, beaches and sand, or for rolling over big things in your way on dirt — the Walmart bike is gonna disappoint. The term ‘Value Chain ’ was used by Michael Porter in his book "Competitive Adva n tage: Creating and Sustaining superior Performance" ().

T he value chain analysis describes the activ ities the organ i-zation performs and links them to the organizations competitive pos ition. Value chain analysis describes the activities within and.

Industry Analysis Example (Porter’s Five Forces and Complementors) Wal-Mart. Here is a very brief example of an Industry Analysis for the Cases using Wal-Mart, specifically Wal-Mart’s competition in the consumer retail industry and not in the industries where it competes.

Using Wal-Mart as an example for the Industry Analysis (Porter. In short, all the attributes mentioned in Porter's Diamond have combined effects in determing a nation's competitive advantage.

The government can play a positive role in shaping the Diamond to enhance the national competitive advantage in chosen industries.

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