Wild boar farming business plan

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Wild boar farming business plan

wild boar farming business plan

You could consider opening a non-agricultural business on your farm, such as: Your local council can advise you on regulatory issues relevant to your new business. Develop your ideas When developing a farm diversification strategy, you will need to: If the idea involves an invention or a new process, you may also need to protect your intellectual property.

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Once you have established a new business, you will need a growth strategy. Planning permission and diversification You will need to seek planning permission for any new development - such as a building - or material change of use of your land from the planning department in your local council.

If you plan to use agricultural land or buildings for agricultural purposes, you do not need planning permission. The rural planning system is run by local and national park authorities, who decide on applications based on their impact on the local economy and potential impact on the environment.

The type of land you farm will also influence what sort of development is permitted.

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For example, the Agricultural Land Classification system is used to assess the agricultural quality of land, while Environmental Impact Assessments look at the potential impact of any development on your land.

Planning policy guidance Planning permission decisions will take into account government planning policy statements, which set out priorities for local areas and regions. The type of diversification you choose may also be influenced by your local parish or community plan - these are documents in which local communities set out their priorities for social and business development.

This can help you see which planning permissions are likely to be successful. Find out about parish and community plans on the Action with Communities in Rural England website. However, a lack of collateral is often a barrier to tenant farmers, as it means less access to capital.

Some tenancy agreements rule out diversification. This is often because of inheritance implications for landowners arising from a change of use. Code of good practice for tenant diversification The Defra has published a code of good practice to encourage agri-environment schemes and diversification activities on tenant farms.

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This code recommends that for tenant diversification, there should always be: If landlord and tenant cannot agree on the appointment of an arbitrator, either can apply to the President of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors [ RICS ] to make an appointment.

For more information, see the page on arbitration procedures in the guide on agricultural tenancies. Find model tenancy contract clauses on the NFU website membership required.

As well as funding from the Rural Development Programme for England RDPE and commercial banks, capital and revenue funds are available from a range of public sector, charitable and private sources.


This is particularly important for tenant farmers, who may face problems obtaining credit from commercial institutions. The RDPE also includes environmental management schemes, for example: Search our business support finder for grants, loans, expertise and advice for which your business may be eligible.

Commercial loans and overdrafts Private investment provided by banks and other financial institutions remains an important source of funding for business diversification.

To get commercial funding, you will normally need a detailed and well-researched business plan. Technological funding There are funding schemes specifically designed to help you develop new technologies for a diversified business.

Funding for climate change adaptation or mitigation Funding and advice are available to help farmers diversify their businesses in response to climate change, eg by growing biofuels, deploying commercial tidal energy farms or setting up anaerobic digestion facilities.

Farming Futures Farming Futures is a co-operative venture between the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs Defra and other agricultural organisations that provide advice for farmers looking to adapt to changing climates and markets.

The Carbon Trust The Carbon Trust can provide advice and, in some cases, venture capital funding to help you adapt your farming business to climate change.

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The Entrepreneurs Fast Track offers commercial advice, networking opportunities and grant funding to small enterprises that are developing low carbon technologies in the UK.

The Carbon Trust can also give you free advice about establishing a new low-carbon business, and they can carry out site surveys. Find out about Carbon Trust advice and services on the Carbon Trust website.About i4C. Inter Institutional Inclusive Innovations Center (i4c) is an independent, non-profit entity.

It identifies people from India with innovative ideas. It is a facilitator for people with out-of-box ideas, or innovative working prototypes. i4c aims to create and foster a culture of innovative thinking. Great for farming, camping, hunting, trail riding and more. Keep tools and other small hunting and utility items within arms reach.

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wild boar farming business plan

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