Writing an epic fantasy novel

Some authors aspire to write the great American novel.

Writing an epic fantasy novel

And that is point one, of my Five Things You Should Never Do In Epic Fantasy, from the perspective of someone who has spent a lot of time studying history and languages.

Baled hay is such a lovely symbol of anachronisms caused by failure to consider the forces that drive industrial change.

We do take the present for granted. After all, we live here. And people, particularly urbanites, tend to regard farming as something old-fashioned and unchanging. So, what the whole baled-hay problem represents is the greater issue of the Industrial Revolution.

All you need to get done and get published.

If your world is based on a primary-world classical, medieval, or renaissance culture and its technology, you need to be aware of what that means.

The modern pick-up baler, by the way, was an invention due to the social changes around the time of the Second World War, when people were leaving the land in droves.

Social and technological changes feed off one another. The Victorians had stationary hay-presses to bale hay, not for use on the farm, usually — as they carted it to the barn or farmyard before baling it — but for export by train to the cities. Victorian cities, unlike medieval ones, were full of horses who had to be fed.

The ancient Greeks had steam engines, of a sort. Look, it spins — cool. Tell the slave to go draw another jar of water from the well.

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Sure, even without the internal combustion engine or a massive steam tractor some lone inventing engineer could build, piece by piece, a hay-baling machine — people do adapt them for horsepower now — but why would he need to?

Bear in mind that guns were a medieval, not a modern, invention. The era of the barbarian invasions in Europe, the post-Roman world, was a technologically, culturally, socially, and philosophically complex era, and so was classical Rome, and so was the Bronze Age.

That requires a particular genius, and very, very few can claim to have it. Your hero should probably not talk like a valley girl, or whatever the equivalent is these days, but there are more subtle diction dissonances that are almost just as painful.

Er, well, relatively recent.

Basically, there are two camps toward novel writing — planners and pantsers. Planners will write out the plot, outline, character sheets, story bible, chapter outlines with scenes, and timelines. How Long Should a Fantasy Book Be? Well I’m not trying to write an epic either. 🙂 I don’t know if I would call Discworld epic fantasy either. Sure it has a lot of world building, but I feel like epics are collections where all that building is focused on a singualr plot line. So in Tolkien’s world, all the background, as beautiful. EPIC FANTASY IN THE MODERN WORLD A Few Observations by Stephen R. Donaldson Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Libraries, What I write is "epic fantasy," and I think it succeeds because it is both "epic" and "fantasy." Yet the book should be read seriously. It is fantasy, and in fantasy.

Or their dog pulled them over into the river. Do you want your British readers and anyone over fifty picturing your hero in his Stanfields or Fruit of the Loom briefs?

Just, think a little about how datable the language is, and if it screams post-war, try for something more temporally neutral. And if you are going to use the second person singular and the verb-endings of the sixteenth and seventeenth century for some purpose — ritual formality, showing that someone speaks in an old-fashioned way — steep yourself in the Book of Common Prayer and the King James Bible and Shakespeare until you can get it right.

Words with an historical connection, derived from a person or place, have no place in a world that does not have those historical persons or places in it, even if the word has largely lost its proper-noun capitalization.

In a secondary world, you should not have, by its primary-world name, an Archimedean screw, marcelled hair quite modern anyway — a late-nineteenth-century process invented by a chap named Marcelsherry Jerezport Portugalchampagne, bourbon, Burgandy, cheddar, Edam, raglan sleeves, a Jersey cow, or a Lombardy poplar, nor should it refer to Catherine wheels, dalmatians, or Samaritans good, bad, or indifferent.

Vandalism … well, debatable. Is there another word for vandalism that works so well?

writing an epic fantasy novel

Words to be faced almost as cautiously are the months and the days of the week. The Spouse proposes the word anacosmonyms for such usage — words taken out of their proper world.

The Oxford Universal is good.How Long Should a Fantasy Book Be? Well I’m not trying to write an epic either. 🙂 I don’t know if I would call Discworld epic fantasy either.

Sure it has a lot of world building, but I feel like epics are collections where all that building is focused on a singualr plot line.

writing an epic fantasy novel

So in Tolkien’s world, all the background, as beautiful. Aug 26,  · Time for another book recipe! This time I'll be looking at epic fantasy. Put on your questing helmet and let's get started!

Ingredients: An assorted mix of noble adventurers. Choose your own flavours from any of the following: The long-lost heir to the throne The wise elf-mage A drunk, angry guide A spunky warrior-princess.

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Writing a book about a war promises excitement, but like any aspect of writing, you need to be writing epic battle scenes carefully in order to see them at their full potential. Let’s look at five essential guidelines for writing epic battle scenes. The key to writing a real epic fantasy novel lies in the word “epic”.

But this doesn’t just mean big in scale, scope, and size. An epic fantasy novel doesn’t have to be a thousand page doorstopper. It has to be epic in its ambitious reach for finding answers to the big questions in life.

This is the true and hidden goal of epic fantasy. Aug 21,  · The official blog for Jade Varden, author of the Deck of Lies series. Indie book reviews, writing help, self-publishing tips and more. For fantasy novels, you are allowed to go slightly above this limit, but unless you are an established author, I don't recommend going too far above.

I would limit the book at , words to be safe.

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